Buying and Owning A Water Softener: What’s it Going to Cost You?

As you’ll know, water softeners are not cheap so it’s important to do your homework.

The fact that you’re reading this shows that value for money is important to you. What you also need to know is that the companies selling water softeners will often not show you the true cost of purchasing and owning their products. It’s not just the initial payment for the unit itself you’ll have to make, you may also have to pay for shipping, installation and yearly maintenance charges.

So let’s do the sums and give you a clear breakdown of the total costs of some of the leading salt-based and salt-free water softeners on the market.

Brand Unit Cost Shipping Yearly Maintenance Installation Total Yr 1 Cost
nuvoH2O $668 inc (US) $120 $150 $938
APEC $1,190 $50 est $0 $300 $1,540
Pelican $1,345 Free (US) $0 $300 $1,845
Fleck $1,051 $125 $250 $400 $1,776
CrystalQuest $1,145 $110 $250 $400 $1,855

So which water softener comes out on top?

Well, if we’re talking money there is a one clear winner. The total year one costs for the nuvoH2O are 39% less than its nearest rival, the APEC.

It’s estimated that these water softeners will all save you about $1,000 in the first year of ownership. That comes from the increased effectiveness of soaps and detergents, the longer life of your appliances and the reduced utility bills as a result.

NuvoH2O is, therefore, the only one of our featured water softeners that pays for itself in just one year. Knowing that you’ll save more money in a year than the product costs for that year makes the nuvo system an attractive proposition. And don’t forget, after paying for itself in year one it will continue to give you hundreds of dollars of savings every year after that.

Looking at the costs in this way should really help you make an informed decision about your future purchase. And you’ll now also see that in the long run a water softener makes sense financially.

Just think about the expense of replacing your white goods. It’s safe to assume that we’d all like them to last as long as possible. Using a water softener will increase the life of appliances by many months.

Obviously, when buying a water softener system, costs are not the only factor in your decision.

What about the warranties on offer?

Of course, the warranty length should be part of a costs discussion. Knowing that you can call the company and deal with any faults gives you peace of mind. The two salt-based softeners offer short warranties: the Fleck at 3 years and the CrystalQuest at only one year. Not very generous at all.

If you manufactured a product that you were confident would last for 10 years, why would you only offer your customers a warranty for one? Usually when a company offers such a short warranty, it’s because they’re worried about the costs of dealing with returns. Not exactly confidence building.

The salt-free water softeners are much more generous. Both the APEC and the Pelican offer quite reasonable 10 year warranties. That’s much more generous.

But the nuvoH2O guys must be very confident in the quality of their product as it comes with a lifetime product warranty. When you combine the best value for money with the best guarantees, then you can start to feel much more secure in your buying decision.

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