How to Find and Fix A Water Leak in Your Home? A DIY Guide

How to Find and Fix A Water Leak in Your Home? A DIY Guide
Fix water leaks

Having leaking water pipes in your house is not a good thing as this usually makes you incur huge water bills for water wasted. And while water leaks around your house could be obvious, there are times when the faulty areas are hidden and they are hard to spot. For this, it makes sense for you to inspect all of your house’s water piping system to find where the leakage is located. In this article, we take you through a do-it-yourself guide (DIY) you can follow to find water leaks in your house easily.

  1. Use your water meter – Using the water meter at your house is the best way for you to check for a leak to the plumbing system for your house. Here is the process that you will follow:
  2. First, ensure that you have turned off all the taps in your house before proceeding to check your meter.
  3. The second thing that you will do is to locate your water meter and take a look at the leak indicator to see if it is moving. Please note that the water leak indicator of your meter will depend on the brand of the meter; it could be small triangular shaped or a small wheel that rotates when there is a leak. Just remember that the indicator shouldn’t be rotating if you have taken the step mentioned above.
  4. Alternatively, you could simply just take your meter reading once you have shut all faucets in your house or simply shut off the mains water supply gate valve your house. You can wait for some hours and then come back and take another reading. If you notice a change in your reading from the previous you had taken then there is possibly a leak.
  5. Check for any possibility of leakage in faucets or taps – Most faucets usually leak due to worn out rubber washers. Try to locate the washer on the faucets and check if there is leakage of water. Once you establish there is leakage you will know that it is time to replace the rubber washers. Replacing the rubber washers is easy and once you have the right tools you should be able to do this yourself. Still, if you are not sure whether you can do it yourself, you can call in plumbing experts to assist you to do the work.
  6. Check out for leakage in toilets – Leakage in toilet usually waste lots of water and can greatly increase your overall water bills. Good news is that leakage in toilets is usually easy to find and fix. To establish if there any leakage of water from the toilet’s cistern to its bowl, simply add some colored dye on the cistern and wait for some minutes without flashing the toilet. If you notice some colored water in the toilet bowl, you will know there is leakage. It is time for you to call in an expert to fix the leakage for you.

Once you’ve found the leak, it’s time to fix it. Read this fix water leak article by SF Gate Home Guides contributor Chris Deziel. If you’ve got anything that you want me to add to this article, please do let me know in the comments section below.

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